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I’m an editor and a fiction writer (contemporary romance and medieval adventure).  My undergraduate degree is in psychology, my MBA in human resources.  I’ve trained as a flight attendant; worked in dinner theatre; managed a dance studio, a framing store, and multitudes of volunteers as a church administrator.  These experiences, as well as many others, have given me a broad base for both my editing and my own writing.


I’ve always enjoyed reading clean prose, but my critical skills were strengthened when I worked for a software company as technical writer and software tester.  Finding and correcting errors is something I do well and enjoy.  Helping other writers communicate creatively, but with clarity, is my aim.  I am an experienced fiction editor who has studied the art of editing.





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About Me

In the lovely poetry of one of my clients . . .


To Beth Hill – The Invisible Hunter


Words in the wind, blown off the page,

the story lost–on an empty stage.

With pen in hand, the writer’s heart leads,

words from the soul, and ink that bleeds.

Though in the midst of passion, the blood bleeds through,

the words become blurred, and covet rescue.

Like the weeping willow and its sorrowed shade,

or the house on the hill, with its single grave.

Like a Texas sky without the blue,

or a midnight rose with morning dew.

She’ll run through your darkness, and dig for the flame,

she’ll light sodden candles, left in the rain.

A ghostly wordsmith, with a gentle sway,

her eloquent prose, on the bleakest day.

A mother’s milk, on a newborn’s chin,

the balled-up fists, and petal soft skin.

The glorious morning, the colors of gold,

and handful of wishes, the child will hold.

An invisible hunter, in search of rhyme,

words to a song, for the dancer in time.

And as you take your bow on that center stage,

she’ll use the back door, and begin a new page.


With gratitude, Tanja Kobasic