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Beth Hill's abilities are surpassed only by her generosity and desire to see authors succeed. She gets the whole picture, as well as the details. She sees the trees for the forest, and the forest for the trees, something that can be difficult for an author close to his or her own work. She presents ideas clearly and offers appropriate ideas and solutions without pandering or discouraging. Blunt but not brutal. Candid and compassionate. Beth Hill is a true professional.


Judi Fennell, author of In Over Her Head, Wild Blue Under, & Catch of a Lifetime.


I heartily endorse Beth Hill’s capabilities as an editor.  She read and edited my novel Growing Up Single and added a lot of value.  Beth has the precise eye of a copy editor and identifies and corrects subtle issues with grammar and punctuation.  Moreover, she has a fine-tuned sense of words and sentences and provided excellent suggestions on ways to re-arrange words in sentences to provide a smoother flow.  Finally, Beth approaches the text as a reader and writer with empathy.  She took the time to get inside my novel and offered excellent feedback on how to improve individual sections, along with helpful thoughts on how the book worked as a whole.  The net result has been to help me strengthen the novel and give me additional confidence as I continue the process of submitting the novel to agents and publishers. I look forward to working with Beth again on future novels.


James Rafferty








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