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Professional editing services by book editor Beth Hill.

If you have written or are writing a book, consider

A Novel Edit for your editing needs.



Writing is all about communicating. Communicating clearly.
Good editing enhances communication.


An editor’s task is to clarify, to make sure that what the writer intends to say is actually conveyed–with clarity, with creativity, with the author’s distinct voice.


A Novel Edit is dedicated to making your fiction manuscript publication or submission ready.  This means clearing away extraneous or unnecessary words that hide the beauty of your prose, suggesting words that enhance the mood or tone you’ve established, and following plot lines to be sure Mickey wasn’t left dangling over a cliff and Monique didn’t show up at her wedding expecting to find bridegroom Jake only to be surprised when James arrived instead.


My intention as your book editor is to polish your story, to help you craft your manuscript into a novel that attracts the attention of an agent, an editor, a publishing house, and a legion of readers.  I’m not interested in editing according to my vision, only to yours.  Using an outsider’s eye, I’ll check your story for passages and elements that don’t work, and make suggestions for improving those elements.  And yes, I’ll also let you know what works well.  


When your fiction manuscript is ready for a thorough analysis and impartial suggestions for revision and editing, contact me for fiction editing services at A Novel Edit.  It will be my pleasure to help your words shine.



Beth Hill

Fiction Editor at

A Novel Edit


Elements I look at in a fiction edit:

Spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage

Plot resolution/plot problems

Consistency (in tone, style, voice, word choices, POV)


Repetition (in words, phrases, events)

Word specifics–does this word fit this character in this story in this genre?

What else you can expect


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